Our Manufacturing Services:

“Old world experience and know-how combined with the passion to provide our customers with the best service and price on time and worry free!”

Dependable Spring Company services a vast amount of industries

Whether it is a spring for a child’s toy, to a satellite floating in space, we have made it.  Many Industries call on us for their spring demands. Whether it’s a small prototype run, or a large production order, we can do it.

If you need help designing a spring, we can help you.  We look forward to assisting our customers with the utmost attention to quality and customer care.

Spring Wire


We stock and use primarily round wire ranging from as small as .00275” to .125” wire diameter, from materials such as stainless steel, music wire, Beryllium copper, carbon steel and many other alloys. We have state of the art testing equipment to ensure precise accuracy for each manufactured part.   We have an internal quality control system in which each job is tracked and inspected in each stage of the manufacturing process.